Hearing Implant Solutions for Single-Sided Deafness

SACIC Audiologist, Caren Sawers, presented a free paper at the Audiology Australia 23rd National Conference, Sydney Convention Centre 20-23 May 2018. Caren reviewed SACIC’s experience to date of hearing implant solutions for Single-Sided Deafness (SSD), including bone conduction implants and cochlear implants.

Caren concluded from her review:

  • Bone conduction implants remain a suitable treatment option for clients with SSD of long duration.
  • Recipients who proceed with a cochlear implant can regain benefits of binaural hearing, such as improved speech perception in noise.
  • Cochlear implants and bone conduction implants help overcome some of the hearing difficulties associated with SSD including the perception of sound on the non-hearing side.
  • Cochlear implant and bone conduction implant recipients report positive outcomes in noise, hearing on the deaf side and coping in everyday listening tasks.

At SACIC we work collaboratively, unified by a clear and common purpose, to achieve best hearing outcomes for our clients and their families.

For more information on hearing implant solutions for SSD, please do not hesitate to contact us.