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Improve Your Hearing
At SACIC we are dedicated to helping you improve your hearing and providing hearing implant technology to help you improve your quality of life.. Find out more
The assessment process at SACIC allows us to learn about your individual hearing needs so we can advise whether you are likely to gain benefit from hearing implant technology. Find out more
SACIC's surgeons will assess your ear anatomy and fitness for surgery in addition to any technical considerations applicable to the type of hearing implant being considered. Find out more
Switch On | Rehabilitation
SACIC is here to support you and your family as you adjust to your hearing implant. We help you optimise your hearing and enhance your listening and communication skills. Find out more
Lifetime Support
At SACIC we are committed to providing a personal, responsive and accessible hearing implant service to meet your individual needs across your lifetime. Find out more
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A hearing implant might now be the device of choice for you. SACIC is committed to keeping costs as low as possible and reducing your cost of lifetime care. Find out more



Cochlear Implants

A cochlear implant is a surgically implanted medical device. It bypasses the damaged parts of the inner ear and uses electrical stimulation to directly stimulate the hearing nerve.

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Electroacoustic Implants

An electroacoustic implant combines conventional acoustic amplification with electrical stimulation to provide a high quality, more natural sound.

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Bone Conduction Implants

Bone is an excellent conductor of sound. A bone conduction implant takes advantage of this property by transmitting sound to the inner ear through the bones of the skull.

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Recipient Stories

  • Shirley Ackehurst
    'Cochlear pioneer celebrates 30 years of hearing'

    Shirley Ackehurst is 74. A mother and grandmother who loves working in her garden. She's also a medical pioneer whose story is one of perseverance, loss, heartbreak and triumph that she relays with such poignancy, humour and courage it is impossible not to be moved and inspired by her.

  • Lucille Green
    'Life better now Lucille can hear clearly'

    Port Lincoln woman Lucille Green will enjoy the sounds of Christmas this year after suffering from poor hearing since 2005. Mrs Green, 75, is looking forward to a proper hearing Christmas this year thanks to the cochlear implant she received in September.

  • Felicity Bleckly
    'Felicity emerges from the sounds of silence'

    For 20 years Felicity Bleckly lived in a world without sound... Ms Bleckly thought she would be lost in a world of silence forever. But by 2002 her hearing was restored as advances in audiology saw her eligible for cochlear implants.


The South Australian Cochlear Implant Centre (SACIC) is South Australia’s first fully independent, private hearing implant clinic and largest hearing implant service with more than 1000 recipients in our care. SACIC is supported by South Australia’s most experienced hearing implant team of Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Surgeons and Audiologists, who have been involved in providing hearing implant services to the South Australian community since the mid-1980's.

SACIC was established in 2004 to provide a professional, personal, responsive and accessible hearing implant and rehabilitation service for people with significant hearing loss. SACIC provides a comprehensive and seamless range of services including assessment, surgery, rehabilitation and a lifetime of support. At SACIC we work collaboratively to understand your hearing needs and believe in the ability of hearing implant technology to help you hear better and remain engaged with life.

By choosing SACIC for your care you are choosing:

  • Adelaide's most experienced Hearing Implant Surgeons and Audiologists
  • South Australia's first and largest independent Hearing Implant service
  • Personal, comprehensive and ethical care

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