SACIC offers rehabilitation as an extension of care throughout your hearing implant journey. SACIC is focussed on understanding your individual hearing and communication needs and will personalise rehabilitation to help you achieve your goals.

SACIC’s specialist Rehabilitation Audiologist can provide support across a variety of areas including, but not limited to:

  • Listening practice to help you become familiar with your hearing implant
  • Repairing conversation breakdowns with your communication partner
  • Strategies to help you manage better in different listening environments such as social gatherings, restaurants, meetings or your workplace
  • Strategies to help you manage small group conversations
  • Coaching to improve assertiveness and self-advocacy in relation to your hearing loss
  • Telephone training and support with assistive listening devices

At SACIC we believe in person- and family-centred care and therefore personalised rehabilitation is available for you, your communication partners and family members at all stages of your hearing implant journey.

To find out more about how SACIC can help you contact us or request an appointment.