You will be provided with rechargeable batteries or you can choose to use disposable batteries with your cochlear implant sound processor. High power batteries are recommended for cochlear implant sound processors due to the higher power requirements of the device.

Standard hearing aid batteries are recommended for bone conduction implant sound processors. Rechargeable batteries are not currently available for these devices.

Batteries can be obtained through Australian Hearing or purchased from SACIC, various retail outlets or online.

Replacement and Spare Parts

Replacement and spare parts for your hearing implant can be obtained from SACIC, Australian Hearing or directly from your hearing implant manufacturer. Before placing an order, please ensure you know your hearing implant type, sound processor model, preferred cable length and colour of the part you require. If you are uncertain of these details, please contact us for further assistance.

Australian Hearing will provide replacement parts, required to keep a sound processor functioning, as part of the Australian Government Hearing Services Program. This service is provided free of charge for eligible members. To determine if you are eligible for Australian Hearing Services, please contact us or call Australian Hearing on 131 797.

Magnet Strength

A magnet is used to hold your sound processor or the transmitting coil of your sound processor in place. These magnets are available in different strengths. If the magnet is too weak your sound processor or transmitting coil will repeatedly fall off your head; if it is too strong, it can cause the skin beneath the magnet to breakdown. If the skin beneath the coil looks red, begins to feel hot or if the coil is leaving a mark on the skin, then the magnet is too tight. Please contact us immediately if you are concerned about the strength of your magnet.

Routine Care

To ensure your sound processor performs optimally, it is important you care, maintain and store it appropriately. This may include keeping your sound processor clean and dry, replacing microphone protectors and using dry and store units in line with manufacturer guidelines. For more information on routine care of your device, please do not hesitate to contact us.