Warranty & Insurance

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Your cochlear implant sound processor comes with a three (3) year Manufacturer's warranty.

Your bone conduction implant sound processor comes with a two (2) year Manufacturer's warranty.

All the other parts and accessories of your hearing implant come with a 3 to 12 month Manufacturer's warranty. Extended warranty is available to Cochlear™ cochlear implant recipients.

Please contact us for further information or refer to the Warranty Guide provided by your hearing implant manufacturer.

Insuring your Sound Processor

SACIC recommends you insure your sound processor for accidental loss or damage under your home and contents insurance policy.

SACIC is happy to provide a letter for your insurance company, which stipulates the replacement value of your sound processor.

Please be aware the cost of insuring your sound processor may vary significantly between insurance agencies. SACIC recommends, therefore, you obtain several quotes and be clear about the circumstances under which the device may not be covered.