Recipient Stories

Shirley Ackehurst

'Cochlear pioneer celebrates 30 years of hearing'

Shirley Ackehurst is 74. A mother and grandmother who loves working in her garden. She's also a medical pioneer whose story is one of perseverance, loss, heartbreak and triumph that she relays w... View video

Felicity Bleckly

‘Felicity emerges from the sounds of silence’

For 20 years Felicity Bleckly lived in a world without sound. When Michael Jackson released the 1987 smash hit Smooth Criminal, Ms Bleckly never heard it, nor did she hear Kurt Co... Read more

Lucille Green

​‘Life better now Lucille can hear clearly’

Port Lincoln woman Lucille Green will enjoy the sounds of Christmas this year after suffering from poor hearing since 2005.
Mrs Green, 75, is looking forward to a proper hearing Chri... Read more